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     Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the costs of the classes?
    Most scheduled or private classes at the winery cost
    $30-$35 per person, depending upon whether it is a 2
    or a 3 hour painting.  Please refer to the details of each
    class for time and costs.  Class price does not include
    the cost of alcoholic beverages consumed during the
    class.  Free water will be provided.

2.  How many people are in each of the scheduled classes?  
    Scheduled classes at the winery can range from a
    minimum of 4 to a maximum of 12.  

3. What are the minimum and maximum number of people per
private class?  
    Private classes at the winery are minimum 4 and
    maximum of 12.

4. What  are the fees for a private party at my location?
Which cities will you go for private parties?
    Classes away from the winery require a minimum of 8
    students at $30-35 per person (depending upon the
    painting) with a 14 person maximum.  Brush With a
    Blush will travel within a 50-mile radius of Forestburg,
    Texas.  There is a one-time $25 travel fee for each

5. Do you supply everything?  
    Brush With a Blush provides all supplies required for the
    painting class.   If the class is held at your location, you
    must provide adequate space and lighting for the class
    table and easel set up.

6. How long does each class last?  
    Depending upon the painting itself and the size of the
    class, the classes will last from 2 to 3 hours of painting.

7. During a private party, is there any way to chose a custom
    For private parties, you may choose from any of the
    paintings shown on our website.   As for custom
    consignment paintings, time and cost depends upon the
    subject and the complexity of the painting.  Please
    contact Brush With a Blush to discuss your custom

8. How many instructors are there per class?   
    There is one instructor per class.

9. Do you sell food and drinks during scheduled classes?
    Wine is sold during the classes at the winery.  Free
    water is provided to each student.  You are welcome to
    bring any food to the class that you like. We can have
    cheese trays available if requested in advance.  If the
    class is off-site at your location, you may purchase wine
    from Weinhof Winery, or you may provide any outside
    food or drinks that you wish.

10. How long have you been in business?  
    Brush With a Blush opened in February 2015.

11. What are the requirements for the classes?  

12. Do you do children's birthday parties?  
    Children 12 or older are welcome to participate in the
    classes at the winery.  Guardians must understand that
    these classes are geared towards adults and alcoholic
    beverages may be consumed by the adults during the
    class.  The cost for children is the same as the cost for
    adults, since the supply cost and time commitment is the

13. Do you sell gift certificates?  
    Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase.
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Copyright 2015 Brush With a Blush